50 Flat Earth Questions for Globers Chills and Trolls

Here are the best 50 Flat Earth Questions for Globers Chills and Trolls.
Because good questions are better than good answers.

Just copy the question and paste it on Google or Youtube and find the good answers!

Why would they lie about Flat Earth?
Why can’t they prove curvature?
Why can’t they prove axial rotation?
Why can’t they prove Gravity?
What is the Antarctic Treaty for?
Why are they lying about History?
What’s at the North Pole?
Why is it called an AirPLANE?
Why is it called sea level?
Why are there no photographs of earth?
Who benefits from the lie?
Why is water always level?
What is the frame of reference a spirit level uses?
How did FelixB land 12km’s from his jump location?
What is a Wardenclyffe tower?
Why are there no verified North South circumnavigations?
What is a Gyroscope?
Why is Flat Earth the most trolled conspiracy?
What happens when a EM field passes through copper wire?
What do Flat Earthers gain by spreading flat earth truth?
Why are they using green-screen techniques on the ISS?
Do rockets work in space?
How did the lunar lander’s rocket ignite & burn with no oxygen?
How did they fit the buggy to the lander?
Who is Stanley Kubrick?
Why is the Heliocentric model named after the Greek God of the Sun?
What’s up with the naming-everything-after-pagan-gods Nasa?
Why is NDT being retired?
What is Density & Buoyancy?
Has the Coriolis effect been proven scientifically?
Why is Foucault’s pendulum stationary until someone pushes it?
Which of Einstein’s theories have been proven?
What did Einstein invent?
What does the product information sticker under the base of your globe model on your desk say?
What is Stockholm Syndrome?
Who was August Picard?
What did August Picard do?
Why is Polaris always in the same place?
Why are stars the same year on year if we’re moving through space at 1.2 Million mph ?
What is reality?
What are Rahu and Ketu?
Why do we always see the same face of the moon?
How does an airplane fly over and around a sphere with a nose-up attitude?
How did they MEASURE the speed of earths alleged axial rotation?
What instrument is used to measure Gravity?


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