Flat Earth As Seen on TV Movies & Television Shows

Over 50 instances of flat earth Hollywood mockery, including the latest subliminal flat earth map found in Imagine Dragons video ‘Believer’. The Ultimate compilation of flat earth truth in plain sight, rubbed in our faces in hollywood movies and TV shows. Shout out to the whole community for posting the flat earth media clues when you find them. Scrawny2Brawny, StinkyCash, Nicole Cote, Flat Earth Talk, Revolution, Flat Earth Asshole, RussianVids when he was around, and all the rest of you. This wouldn’t be possible without you guys. I only found a few of these on my own.

The media is a very fascinating tool. The ruling class use it to program and brainwash us all the while showing us truth in plain sight and because of this, the lines between fantasy and reality are heavily blurred. They program us to believe that we live on a spinning ball and that out space is real, but in that same programming, they show us the truth and mock us. What a world.

“They put the truth in the movies and lies throughout the news,
they manufacture opinions and form all of your views.
Everything we think we know is actually opposite of the truth,
but what do you do when reality’s fraudulent?” – ODD TV