Flat Earth Shills The Controlled Fake Truth Movement

Flat Earth Shills The Controlled Fake Truth Movement, several of the controlled opposition agents currently attempting to co-opt the flat Earth truth movement, although 90 percent of what they say are true facts but 10% is what destroys ther credibility.
Here are some of the shills who promote the fake “AE map” aka “Blue Frisbee” under a “Dome” (Biblical Flat Earth) snow globe!

They spread lies and false claims about flat earth, spreading dis-info and muddying the waters:
Eric Dubay, Math Powerland, Mark Sargent, Patricia Steere, Rob Skiba and more!

They not only spreading dis-info and muddying the waters but they also blame each other for being a shill.

I will stand strong and Exppose all the Fake Flat Earth Channels. The time to stand for truth is now!
What side of the real history will you be remembered on?
All I ask is that you do your own Research! Avoid Beliefs and Biblical religion, whoever try to give you an replacement of the “AE map” is also a shill don’t trust them.

You cannot replace a lie with a lie and call that progress

Don’t be fooled by ridiculous desinformation! Just stick to the facts, use your senses it’s FLAT and motionless the evidence is already proven by results of experiments.

The human senses are the most powerful way in which we connect to source of truth and yet we’ve been taught to deny what they tell us. We’ve been programmed since birth to trust pseudo science over our own connection to source of truth.



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If flat earthers are still pushing the fake AE/Gleason’s Map after this they are lying to you!