When Flat Earth Goes Mainstream, It Will Be To Hide These Realities

The point of this series of video is not directed at what the Flat Earth Realm is in itself.

This is about giving examples of what the so-called powers that be who utilize the mainstream as a mind control conditioning program will do and have done with this information and power against the people, same as the idea of the Constitution being ‘for the people’, only to be eventually amended later on down the line to further enslave people. It’s not about the information itself, it’s about what the systems do with that information, and we already know what the mainstream, Hollywood, University, government and NASA does with information against the people. Things will not change when the mainstream starts talking about the Flat Earth, it will only get more complex and the illusions will be more difficult to see. This video is about helping people see beyond the illusions of invisible slave owners who ‘give you your world’ and realize the greater depths of what all this means, beyond programs like the mainstream condition. Flat Earth being gift wrapped and commercialized by the mainstream will just be another distraction from the fact the we are all still enslaved by the colonial so-called powers that be who never had any of the people’s best interests in mind, only their ideas of control, separation, illusion and dominace. The same psyche that enflames ignorance and illusion with the Colonial Mindset of Nationalism and Heliocentrism is the the same structure that profits off of the destruction of Nature and separating the masses from their roots. The wounds of this system must be healed before any ‘forward’ progress is made. The Human Story is the (Flat) Earth Story. If you would like to share any of the videos in this series without “Flat Earth” in the title, I have re-uploaded them (and a few others) on my backup channel under the title “Empire of Illusions” which can be found in the playlist below.

All credit of the videos used in this compilation go to the original owners linked in the original videos. This video was created for educational purposes only.